Check Out ‘Juice In The City’

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Hi Everyone! I’m very excited to tell you that Juice in the City, for Washington, DC has just launched!
And I’m excited to tell you they asked me to be a Founding Member of DC Juice in the City,
so when you check out different deals and coupons,
I’m one of the people they asked to share My Favorite Places to go around DC!
Click Over to ‘Deal Of The Day!‘, it’s up in my navigation bar,
for today’s deal and more information about the program Nation-wide!

Styling Your Own Wardrobe: Discount Offer From Urban Darling

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Yes!  Reinvent YOUR Style!

There’s a new trend in Fashion:

1.  Look at the clothes in Your Closet

2.  Have an expert tell you what to put together to create a bunch of great looks

3.  Make a shopping list together of pieces you need to complete your wardrobe

4.  Go shopping with your expert and find what your closet needs!

And Guess What?!  This is available in the DC Metro Area NOW!

And Better Yet- I Know Her!

She’s Beautiful and Stylish, KNOWS FASHION, and best of all-

She’s a great mom :)

Click Here to go to my Discount Offer Page,

or Click in my Header Above,

for a Mother’s Day Discount

From Urban Darling !

It Runs Through May-

Because that’s how we roll…

Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair- Our Experiment was Cool… and Messy

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Team WhyMommy Today I am joining a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there to support Susan, aka WhyMommy;

She is a great mom, cool blogger… AN ASTROPHYSICIST (How cool is that?!) and a cancer fighter and survivor.

Today she is undergoing surgery… again.

To Honor Susan and her love and attention to Science, we did a Science Experiment!

Now, I am NOT an astrophysicist, and neither is my son, although who knows, he may be some day-

so we took a page from an experiment we saw on WETA KIDS.  And that’s a lesson in itself- you don’t have to make-up your own science experiment, if your child is excited to try an experiment they’ve seen… go do it!

My son wanted to make canals of water, change their direction and flow, and see how gravity affects the water canals.

We started out by digging the canals with a couple of different ways the water could go-

canal 1

Then we blocked one of the canals-
canal 2

But we soon found out that water can go around a blockage, so we did it again,
canal 3

This Time, we were successful!
canal 4

And we watched our ball continue down the canal that we wanted!

But that wasn’t it for us- we decided, since we had dug up part of a flower bed in our back yard,
and already ‘watered’ it-

that we would plant flower seeds all over !!!!!
canal 5 flowers

Because We Are ALL ABOUT New Life, Living, and Planting Seeds of Hope
Here at BananaBlueberry!

And That’s How We Roll!

These Flowers Seeds are FOR YOU SUSAN!


Astrophysicists Rock  :)

I’m Twittering! (I know I’m the last one on earth to start twittering)

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twitter_logo_header  Hi!  I’m Twittering!  And I need some help!  DC Metro Moms out there- is there a list of all of us who twitter so I can follow you and ask you to follow me??!!

Please leave a comment if you use twitter- so I can follow you!


I’m BanBlueberry.

Quotable Friday !

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book     Hi Everyone!

I’m starting a new feature called Quotable Friday.

I love quotes, good quotes, and will be 

sharing favorites every Friday.

If you have a favorite quote, please leave it in ‘Contact Me’

and I’ll link you too!

This is going to be fun!



‘Womenomics’ Book Party at PunditMom’s

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On Thursday I had pleasure of going to PunditMom‘s house for a great Book Party! The Book- Womenomics– By Claire Shipman and Katty Kay.

What a lovely morning- coffee, good discussion, great women… and a welcome distraction from my son’s last day going to camp or school at Bradley Hills Nursery School where we’ve both grown up over the past 3 years…

But back to the Book Party-

I like this book. I’m not done it yet, but it is inspirational. It is practical too: some may think-

‘I can’t negotiate with my boss?!’
‘I need my job, I’m not going to ask for more.’

But that’s the point of this book- you can- you have to start thinking that you can,

and work from there.

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman are warm, welcoming and smart,


Check out the book, it’s our time ladies!



The Tao of Scrapbooking

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Tao: a way, path, route, doctrine, principle, philosophy

I’ve never… scrapbooked.  There, I said it. 

I have lots of photo albums filled with pictures of my son.  I even have them organized into ‘just my son’s life’ albums and general family photo albums…

So now I’m going to further document my son’s life with scrapbooks-

nursery school programs, a little artwork, the lock of hair from his first haircut, leftover pictures that I have in a box…

and then it hit me as I was going through all this stuff-

My Scrapbook is a Book of Scrap… or it will be  because I haven’t done it yet… 

Or will it?

Click here to continue reading at DC Metro Moms…



Photography Giveaway on ‘BananaBlueberry Giveaway’ Page !!

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BananaBlueberry Happily Announces the first BIG Giveaway in it’s history! And what better item to giveaway to readers than pictures of your KIDS ??!!

You’ll notice up above that there is now a ‘CURRENT BANANABLUEBERRY GIVEAWAY’ Page!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a full-time Nanny who also in the past year has started her own on-location photography business! She has a degree in Elementary Education, so she knows how to get great shots of your kiddies!

Click on,

CURRENT BANANABLUEBERRY GIVEAWAY! and leave a comment! That’s it! You’ll be entered to win a FREE 2 hour photography session AND lots of FREE prints!

There’s also a 25% discount to ALL BananaBlueberry readers!


And check out Kate’s website: Katushka Prints to see her great work!



Giveaway open until Friday, May 29th at 6pm!

Some Search Engine Help

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I have stumbled upon,

no pun intended, a couple of sites that may increase your traffic!

Disclosure: I have yet to do Stumble It, Digg, or, but I am working behind the scenes on my site and working on increasing web traffic.

I found out about these sites over at The Big Piece of Cake, a great mom blog about motherhood, fashion and everything else. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Kate in person and she’s great! We sat next to each other at a luncheon sponsored by Giant Food and joked that we must have been invited because they thought that we were both food bloggers… get it: Big Piece of Cake, BananaBlueberry.

Yes, we’re hysterically funny… anyway, the sites that I referred to up above are Condron and Alpha Inventions. Condron is a rolling list of blogs, hey- it’s a blogroll! And Alpha Inventions puts up your blog when you are updating it in order to connect bloggers and commenters in real time… at least that is what I took from their About Page (which is a pretty entertaining rambling, I might add).

Check them out and if you know of similar sites (I spelled ‘similar’ right that time), let me know! And please share your thoughts on Stumble It, Digg, or!

And The Winner Is…

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And the Winner of the BananaBlueberry and Bean and Banana Baby Hat Giveaway is:

Lucky number 13… Heather !

Heather is expecting a winter baby… so I’m thrilled she won !!!!!

I’ve emailed her and she will be getting her hat in plenty of time for her ‘blessed event’.

Happy Holiday Shopping this weekend!

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