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11 years ago, on this weekend, my husband and I got married.

It was the best weeding and reception I’ve ever been to, of course. It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed on one hand, on the other, it seems like so long ago.

It was a great day. Remembering that day, the subject of ‘me’ always comes up in my head: my dress, my shoes, my hair, my makeup, me, me, me.

Then life changed to us: where are ‘we’ going on vacation, where are ‘we’ going to live, what do ‘we’ want to do for fun tonight.

Then a little guy came into our lives in December of 2003… He changed my focus.

What can I do for ‘him’, how can I help ‘him’ grow, how can I make ‘his’ life wonderful.

Who am I kidding, it’s nice to get a manicure every-once-in-a-while… But life grows bigger when you concentrate on other people besides yourself,

and having the responsibility of nurturing a child and all that it entails, is a privilege.

Gotta go: it’s ‘Red Day’ at preschool today, and my son couldn’t be more excited!

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