“I see… Andrew McCarthy!”

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So I recently wrote about Jake Ryan vs. Blane McDonough

Forget who Blane is?  One guess-

“What about Prom Blane?!  What about Prom!”

Yeah, Jake’s so much cooler.

Since then, everywhere I look I see a John Hughes movie or something related… it’s getting weird.  And then it happened…

I was Googling Blane McDonough to see where my blog article came up, while I’m flipping through channels and I stop on Lifetime Movie Network because I see the title, ‘Straight From The…’ and I’m wondering, ‘Straight from the what? Straight from the Gut?… the Other Side of the World… Straight from the Heart?’ So I stop on it and…

THERE HE IS… It’s a close-up of… ANDREW MCCARTHY !!!!!!

Andrew McCarthy was on the screen as I’m Googling BLANE MCDONOUGH…

How weird is that??!!

Even my husband gasped and said, “Andrew McCarthy!”

I feel like the little boy, ‘I see dead people,’ in The Sixth Sense.

… I just bought a lottery ticket.

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