DC Metro Moms is Closing… Sniff

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It’s with a heavy heart… and SHOCK that I write

that DC Metro Moms is closing… for now.

We’ll continue in some capacity, we’re already working on it.

I love the women I’ve met throughout my time as a contributor

to DC Metro Moms.

And I thank DC Metro Moms for teaching me about online communities and social media.  I’m shocked and saddened, and I’m also taking this as a life lesson and business lesson.  I realize that social media and blogging communities take A TON more work than people think…

I’m keeping my eyes and ears open… and my heart open as we, DC Metro Mom contributors, go forward to stay together and work together- to keep moms and dads connected…

In the Nation’s Capital.

Check Out My New Look! Isn’t this Blog Snazzy Now?

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BananaBlueberry is Snazzy Now!

So, What do you Think??!!

Doesn’t this blog look snazzy now!!!

I finally got a blog designer to help me out!

I didn’t do this until now for to 2 reasons:

1.  I thought the cost would be too much.

2.  I didn’t know where to begin finding a reasonable blog designer.

The answer: DCR Design!

Jo-Lynne, of DCR Design is a Mommy Blogger and Blog Designer.  She is very reasonable, as you can here on her Pricing Page.  And more than that, she’s nice, smart, timely and will give you exactly what you want or if you have no idea- she’ll suggest different ideas!

It was truly a pleasure working with Jo-Lynne, and so easy, I wish I’d done this sooner!

I like Jo-Lynne so much, I had her snazz up my HouseHoldTipsBlog too!  Look at my cute button to the right for HouseHold Tips- click on it and look at my other blog too!

And thanks also to Leticia- TechSavvyMama for recommending Jo-Lynne to me!

Please leave a comment or tweet me with any questions-

I’m happy to help!

Wowwy KaZowy-The DC SVMoms Blogger-Brand Symposium

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courtesy of Sue at MotherhoodandMe.com!

Wowwy KaZowy!  I had a BLAST at the SVMoms Blogger- Brand Symposium at the Ritz Yesterday!!!!!

Got to meet fabulous new bloggers, actually had meaningful conversations with bloggers I know, got great swag-

and best of all- got to ring in the START of my 40’s with wonderful women (and a few men)!

That’s me on the far left with my head turned toward the speakers!


Thank you to everyone for singing Happy Birthday to me!

Love You Gals!


Why Bingo Rocks!

Yeah, Bingo Rocks!

Why does Bingo rock?  Well, after just attending my first Bingo Night at my Kindergartner’s school I’ll tell you why-

  • Bingo is easy
  • Bingo is fun
  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning!
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It involves PRIZES, and who among us, doesn’t love prizes!
  • It also involves snacks
  • It’s a social thing, so nobody is ‘ULTRA ANGRY COMPETITIVE’
  • You can be a little distracted, and still do well (see first point above)
  • A Kindergartner can win (my son won a Cooler and Beach Towel)!
  • and last but not least, it’s a nice family activity

Or maybe, I’m just getting old older…

Do I sound like your Grandmother??

    Happy HCYH Day !!!!!

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    From one Mom to another…

    Today is National ‘HOLY CRAP YOU’RE  HOT’ Day!

    Send this to someone gorgeous,

    but don’t send it back to me,

    I’ve been getting this message all freakin’ day!


    Have You Been Corrected By a Stranger… about Your Child?

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    Have you ever been corrected by a stranger… that you are giving your child wrong information?

    Well, it’s now happened to me.

    The setting: McDonald’s for a ‘special breakfast’.  I know, I know, but we don’t go to McDonald’s a lot.

    The situation:

    My son says to me, while eating pancakes,

    “Mom, Albatrogen can fly and sleep at the same time; can any other animals do that?”

    To which I reply,

    “I’ve never heard of an Albatrogen, and I don’t think any animals can sleep and fly at the same time.”

    When an elderly man sitting at the booth next to us cleared his throat and offered, “Umm.  He’s right.  I think he was trying to say, ‘albatross’, and they CAN fly while they are sleeping.”

    “Yeah, Mom- albatrosses!”

    And then my son informed me that they learned the other day in KINDERGARTEN that albatrosses can fly and sleep at the same time…

    and I did not know this animal fact.

    I now have learned, upon further research regarding albatrosses, that a more accurate term might be ‘soaring’ rather than flying.  They can sleep while they soar, locking their wings and relying on the wind to soar or glide.

    But I didn’t know that before; I think I was learning that I shouldn’t pick my nose in Kindergarten, and that sharing is a good thing.  Ah, how times change.

    The elderly gentleman was nice about correcting me.  And I’m glad he did.  I’ve learned something and my son has too.  And he didn’t have a tone like, ‘You idiot, your 6-year-old knows more than you do,’ which is always nice  :)

    I don’t know if I would have done the same thing, however.  I’m on the fence about it.  I think I’m  leaning toward the whole, ‘Mommies go through a lot and are learning as they go every day, and I’m sure she’ll eventually figure out what he meant and then they’ll go look it up and figure out that albatrosses DO fly, or rather, soar, while sleeping…’

    Would You?

    Jake Ryan vs. Blane McDonough

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    So EVERYBODY knows who ‘Jake Ryan’ is… I won’t even dignify it with an answer.

    But who is ‘Blane McDonough’? …

    Blane is the guy from Pretty in Pink…

    Remember- ‘Blane’… (Andrew McCarthy).

    Yeah, I know.  I had to look up Blane’s last name on Wikipedia… I didn’t even remember it.

    Which brings me to my topic today; it’s a topic for the ages-

    Sixteen Candles vs. Pretty In Pink.

    Which one is the better movie?

    Before I make my argument,

    I must tell you why I’m taking valuable time from my life to even write this…

    A few weeks ago I read an interesting article in Vanity Fair on John Hughes, the creator of both films, and then I just read a blog post on Culture Brats, that I found via StumbleUpon, (I know, I can’t believe I’m being so ‘social media-savvy’ either) that discusses this very topic.  Karma?  Or maybe I just have Sixteen Candles on the brain right now?

    Anyway, while the blog post on Culture Brats was extremely well thought out,

    and I respect both sides of the argument…

    It really comes down to one question:

    Jake Ryan vs. Blane McDonough

    and is there seriously anyone out there who can make a good argument for Blane ?

    “Anyone… Anyone?” (to quote from another John Hughes movie, Ferris Buellar’s Day Off)

    Jake Ryan was cool and and popular and a dreamboat… and kind and honest and liked a girl for the whole package- what was inside and out.

    Who didn’t daydream about Jake Ryan?  I did.  And I’m not the daydreamer type.

    Did you ever, honestly, pine over Blane?  We was a wimp; he only stood up for himself and ‘his girl’ at the very end of the movie… and he seems kinda-boring!

    Who would you want to date- Jake! or Blane...

    ‘Blane’ doesn’t even sound cool in comparison to ‘Jake’!

    To quote from another great movie, The Sure Thing’ from 1985 (substituting ‘Jake’ for ‘Nick’)-

    “Yeah, Jake. Jake’s a real name. Jake’s your buddy. Jake’s the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn’t mind if you puke in his car, Jake!”

    And what about Farmer Ted (Anthony Michael Hall) vs. Duckie (Jon Cryer)?

    Farmer Ted totally wins!  I’d kinda wanna be friends with Farmer Ted.  He’s a nice guy, basically.  He actually a ‘cool geek’.  And most importantly, he doesn’t get Samantha, but he recovers and isn’t pining over her.

    But to get back to Jake Ryan, because he’s dreamy-

    Jake still holds up today!  I’d date Jake (if I were single) right now, wearing exactly what he wore back then.  Blane and his friends in linen pants and linen blazers?!  That didn’t even look good back in the ’80’s’ !!  And the story!  That still holds up too!  In fact, I said in my Movie Review of Twilight,

    “Teen angst, first love, plus vampires thrown in… and they are good vampires– are you kidding me?

    This movie is 16 CANDLES and Jake Ryan is a cool vampire.”

    So there you have it: Proof that Sixteen Candles wins over Pretty in Pink and thus,

    Jake Ryan wins over Blane… whatever his last name is

    But we already knew that, didn’t we  :)

    What do you think?

    Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair- Our Experiment was Cool… and Messy

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    Team WhyMommy Today I am joining a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there to support Susan, aka WhyMommy;

    She is a great mom, cool blogger… AN ASTROPHYSICIST (How cool is that?!) and a cancer fighter and survivor.

    Today she is undergoing surgery… again.

    To Honor Susan and her love and attention to Science, we did a Science Experiment!

    Now, I am NOT an astrophysicist, and neither is my son, although who knows, he may be some day-

    so we took a page from an experiment we saw on WETA KIDS.  And that’s a lesson in itself- you don’t have to make-up your own science experiment, if your child is excited to try an experiment they’ve seen… go do it!

    My son wanted to make canals of water, change their direction and flow, and see how gravity affects the water canals.

    We started out by digging the canals with a couple of different ways the water could go-

    canal 1

    Then we blocked one of the canals-
    canal 2

    But we soon found out that water can go around a blockage, so we did it again,
    canal 3

    This Time, we were successful!
    canal 4

    And we watched our ball continue down the canal that we wanted!

    But that wasn’t it for us- we decided, since we had dug up part of a flower bed in our back yard,
    and already ‘watered’ it-

    that we would plant flower seeds all over !!!!!
    canal 5 flowers

    Because We Are ALL ABOUT New Life, Living, and Planting Seeds of Hope
    Here at BananaBlueberry!

    And That’s How We Roll!

    These Flowers Seeds are FOR YOU SUSAN!


    Astrophysicists Rock  :)

    Call For Submissions! Write About Parenthood… For Charity

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    books Calling All Moms AND Dads!

    Write For Charity is looking for a few good writers!

    They are working on an anthology of short stories and poetry all centered on the topic of parenting. They are currently in their last month of their call for submissions and really want to see your stuff!
    Funds from the sale of this book will be going to children’s charities!

    What’s not to love-

    You Write,
    Get Published,
    And it benefits Kids!

    Love the Mom Power!

    Visit their Site For Submission guidelines!

    It’s Hump Day… and Hump Day isn’t so bad

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    Wednesday, Hump Day It’s Wednesday… Hump Day.

    According to Wikipedia:

    ‘An American English idiom for Wednesday is “hump day”,

    a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as getting “over the hump.”‘

    Yeah, I got that…

    But then it goes on to say-

    ‘In Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, the disagreeable nature of the weather is attributed to it being “Winds-Day” (a play on “Wednesday”).  In Richard Brautigan‘s In Watermelon Sugar Wednesday is the day when the sun shines grey.’


    ‘In the 1945 John Steinbeck novel Sweet Thursday, the titular day is preceded by “Lousy Wednesday”.’

    What Happened to ‘Happy Hump Day!’    ?

    I like Wednesdays…

    You are, as mentioned above, ‘Over the Hump’,

    but still have time to have a productive week,

    and get things done…

    So where has the love for Wednesday gone?

    Do you like Wednesdays?

    Am I the only one?

    …Again, where’s the love?

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