The 2014 ‘Listen To Your Mother’ Cast Party !!!!!!

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The GMC Terrain Denali

As a member of the 2012 Inaugural DC Cast of

The National Show~

Listen To Your Mother,

I was excited to meet this year’s Cast at a Super Duper Party for all

the cast members from 2012, 2013, and this year, 2014 !!!

The Party was in a part of Virginia that I never go to,

so this Maryland girl was glad I was driving a brand new

GMC Terrain Denali,

with honestly, the best Navigation system, I’ve ever used.

I had a clear view from the driver’s seat, and I didn’t

look at my directions,


I kid you not.

It was perfect…

In fact, the only thing that was more perfect

than the Navigation and handling

of this GMC Terrain,

which made me feel totally safe,

was the great company of women,

and desserts :)


Here’s to another Great DC Show of

Listen To Your Mother!

It’s May 4th at The Synetic Theater !!

And Here’s raising a glass to all the other shows around the country this time of year!!

Our Producer and our Director

 Check out This Year’s show,

or go to YouTube to check out previous years,

all around the country,

To check out mine, Nicole Crowley’s

Just Click On,

Any Given Sunday….

Boys and Cars and Birthday Parties !

Courtesy of The Trenches

It’s that time of year again!

While most people are planning holiday festivities,
our family is planning a birthday party.

Holiday babies present a special problem.
From the moment my son was born, a week before Christmas,
everyone instilled in me how important it was to
‘Make His Birthday Special!!’

So every year the question comes up-
What do we do for a birthday party?
And every year it gets harder, because they are getting bigger,
and even a teensy bit cynical sometimes.

This year proved to be the toughest yet, my son’s 10th birthday party….

How to entertain 15 10-year-old boys for 2 hours?

And the answer came out of the mouths of babes….

My son heard about a new place that opened up for parties,
a simple little warehouse….

So how could a little warehouse, with no decorations,
appeal to a bunch of little boys that are starting to get big?

It couldn’t. Unless this little warehouse was filled with…


Yes, you heard me right. A video game party.
The little warehouse we went to is called The Trenches.
And for a reasonable fee, you rent the whole place for 2 hours.
You get the whole place to yourself,
and there are tons of video games and they are all free-
no tokens, no tickets,

The place had old-time arcade games, new ones, Xboxes, and much, much more.
So the boys get to run around and play games,
have the whole place to themselves,
and just take breaks for pizza and birthday cake.

You’re done. The boys LOVED this. This was the easiest birthday party ever!

I believe that this is the next up-and-coming trend in birthday parties.
I have heard that these are popping up around the country,
along with video game buses, so the birthday party can come to you!

How good of an idea is this? I cannot stress how much all the boys LOVED this party!

And to top it all off, I drove my son and a couple of friends to the party in the Cadillac CTS, the 2014 MotorTrend Car of the Year.
And the boys thought it was so cool!

In other words, Mom saves the day, and makes the birthday special, for another year….

Yey Mom!

Happy Birthday to all the Holiday Babies out there!!!!

The boys loved the Cadillac CTS Dashboard

Our Green Weekend Begins with a Farmers Market!

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The Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative Market !

This weekend, this Memorial Day Weekend, our Family is celebrating living in the DC Metro Area, the Nation’s Capital, by visiting local merchants and growers and going GREEN, thanks to help from the GM East Team at General Motors, who gave us a gorgeous Cadillac XTS (which drives like a dream) for a week!!
The first stop on our Green Weekend was a Farmers Market, but not just any farmers market- my son, who was off school, and I went to the Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market in Bethesda, Maryland.
And it was heralded as the only farm woman’s cooperative of its kind in the world!! And it’s still around!
This is what I love about living in the DC area- it’s not just about the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, although those are pieces of history that are very important.
DC is about finding little gems and pieces of magic that are right under your nose. Almost everything in this region has some kind of historical significance, and I love that!
We saw beautiful flowers

Flowers sold at the Market by 'Plant Masters'

And some delicious cheeses from Stonyman Gourmet Farmer, in fact we bought a Gouda from them that was delicious!

The cheeses are from Washington, Virginia… which was laid out by none other than George Washington himself, when he was a surveyor- how’s that for historical!!
Everything was fresh and beautiful!
My son, a car fanatic, and I had a wonderful day driving around the Washington Area in the Cadillac XTS, like I said before, it drives like a dream.
Thanks again GM East Team!
Stay tuned for tomorrow !!

Fesh produce at the Market

New ‘Eden’ Movie is Fantastic !

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I just saw the new film Eden about the harrowing tale of Chong Kim, who was kidnapped and sold into a domestic human trafficking ring in the mid 1990’s.
This movie is RIVETING. I was LITERALLY on the edge of my seat during this movie. There were scenes that I was so scared for this girl that I honestly, was leaning toward the screen.
And the acting is EXCELLENT. Jamie Chung, who plays the lead character is incredible. She is so believable…. There were other times in this movie when I was so sad for this young woman and for all these women that I thought about even if they do escape, ‘How do they recover from this?’. She was that good. Matt O’Leary and Beau Bridges are great as well.
This is a fine piece of movie making. Full Disclosure: The story was written by a high school buddy of mine, Rick Phillips and he co-wrote the screenplay too. Regardless of the fact that I know someone attached to this movie, this is such an important story to tell and it has been done so well.
The film just won The Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival, as well as many other awards.
It is out in limited release right now and you can also rent it On Demand on Verizon Fios right now too.
This movie is well worth the price of admission, and more.

Kudos to everyone who worked on this film for bringing the terrifying truth of human trafficking to the screen.



Announcing My New Book !

Available in Amazon's Kindle Store

I’m so excited to announce the

publication of my eBook,

Living A Miracle,

We All Do… Every Day

It has been a labor of love and recounts my recovery from a terrible car accident that left me partially paralyzed, with brain hemorrhages,
and comatose.
I made a complete recovery, obviously,
and I look at life differently now.

This is a book about reality.
I’m a realist.
We all live miracles, every day.

Click On the Image of My Book
to the RIGHT to Check it Out,
or read Sample Pages!


Marilyn Monroe had it right… who knew?

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“We should all start to live
before we get too old.
Worry is stupid,
so are regrets.

-Marilyn Monroe

I Can Find Inspiration Anywhere…

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“A man who acquires the ability
to take full possession of his own mind
may take possession of anything else
to which he is justly entitled.”

– Andrew Carnegie

– Spoken by Christian Grey, in
Fifty Shades of Grey

Jake Ryan vs. Blane McDonough

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So EVERYBODY knows who ‘Jake Ryan’ is… I won’t even dignify it with an answer.

But who is ‘Blane McDonough’? …

Blane is the guy from Pretty in Pink…

Remember- ‘Blane’… (Andrew McCarthy).

Yeah, I know.  I had to look up Blane’s last name onWikipedia… I didn’t even remember it.

Which brings me to my topic today; it’s a topic for the ages-

Sixteen Candles vs. Pretty In Pink.

Which one is the better movie?

Before I make my argument,

I must tell you why I’m taking valuable time from my life to even write this…

A few weeks ago I read an interesting article in Vanity Fair on John Hughes, the creator of both films, and then I just read a blog post on Culture Brats, that I found via StumbleUpon, (I know, I can’t believe I’m being so ’social media-savvy’ either) that discusses this very topic.  Karma?  Or maybe I just have Sixteen Candles on the brain right now?

Anyway, while the blog post on Culture Brats was extremely well thought out,

and I respect both sides of the argument…

It really comes down to one question:

Jake Ryan vs. Blane McDonough

and is there seriously anyone out there who can make a good argument for Blane ?

“Anyone… Anyone?” (to quote from another John Hughes movie, Ferris Buellar’s Day Off)

Jake Ryan was cool and and popular and a dreamboat… and kind and honest and liked a girl for the whole package- what was inside and out.

Who didn’t daydream about Jake Ryan?  I did.  And I’m not the daydreamer type.

Did you ever, honestly, pine over Blane?  We was a wimp; he only stood up for himself and ‘his girl’ at the very end of the movie… and he seems kinda-boring!

Who would you want to date- Jake! or Blane...

‘Blane’ doesn’t even sound cool in comparison to ‘Jake’!

To quote from another great movie, The Sure Thing’ from 1985 (substituting ‘Jake’ for ‘Nick’)-

“Yeah, Jake. Jake’s a real name. Jake’s your buddy. Jake’s the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn’t mind if you puke in his car, Jake!”

And what about Farmer Ted (Anthony Michael Hall) vs. Duckie (Jon Cryer)?

Farmer Ted totally wins!  I’d kinda wanna be friends with Farmer Ted.  He’s a nice guy, basically.  He actually a ‘cool geek’.  And most importantly, he doesn’t get Samantha, but he recovers and isn’t pining over her.

But to get back to Jake Ryan, because he’s dreamy-

Jake still holds up today!  I’d date Jake (if I were single) right now, wearing exactly what he wore back then.  Blane and his friends in linen pants and linen blazers?!  That didn’t even look good back in the ’80’s’ !!  And the story!  That still holds up too!  In fact, I said in myMovie Review of Twilight,

“Teen angst, first love, plus vampires thrown in… and they are good vampires– are you kidding me?

This movie is 16 CANDLES and Jake Ryan is a cool vampire.”

So there you have it: Proof that Sixteen Candles wins over Pretty in Pink and thus,

Jake Ryan wins over Blane… whatever his last name is

But we already knew that, didn’t we  :)

What do you think?

* I originally wrote this about this time last year, it’s such a fun question, I had to post it again… maybe I’ll post it this time of year, every year :)

Halle Berry’s Take on Nudity

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I recently bought THE September issue of Vogue.

I say ‘THE’ because the September issue of Vogue is the biggest of the year,
and is greatly anticipated. There is even a documentary about the making
of the September issue, called…
you guessed it, ‘The September Issue’.
On this year’s September Issue is a gorgeous picture of Halle Berry,
of course, that sounds a little redundant, because every picture I’ve seen
of Halle Berry is gorgeous.
In the interview with her, conversation led to nudity and the interviewer noticed that-

‘Berry seems very comfortable with her sexuality.
“That comes with age,” she says.
“If the world wouldn’t persecute me,
I’d take nude pictures every day
of the week.”

* Just a note, a thought…  If I had the body of Halle Berry, I’d feel the same way

Why Bingo Rocks!

Yeah, Bingo Rocks!

Why does Bingo rock?  Well, after just attending my first Bingo Night at my Kindergartner’s school I’ll tell you why-

  • Bingo is easy
  • Bingo is fun
  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning!
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It involves PRIZES, and who among us, doesn’t love prizes!
  • It also involves snacks
  • It’s a social thing, so nobody is ‘ULTRA ANGRY COMPETITIVE’
  • You can be a little distracted, and still do well (see first point above)
  • A Kindergartner can win (my son won a Cooler and Beach Towel)!
  • and last but not least, it’s a nice family activity

Or maybe, I’m just getting old older…

Do I sound like your Grandmother??

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