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mother-feeding.jpgIt’s Spring,

and my husband in his ongoing quest to get a nice lawn put down grass seed and hay a few weeks ago.

When he raked up the hay last week we were all surprised that a mother bunny picked a mound of hay IN THE MIDDLE of our yard to build a nest.


My husband saw two little ears, so we left a little bit of hay for her and then on friday it happened.

We saw her FEEDING not one, not two but FOUR babies.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this so up close.

She must have gotten confused with all the hay, because as you can see, her nest is right by our deck.


I’m so excited and have developed, just over the weekend, a strong maternal instinct to protect these little offspring.


Ah, nature!  I have instantly fallen in love with these bunnies…

Once a mother, always a mother :)


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rocking-chair.jpgLast night my 4-year-old son was very tired. We played outside most of the day. Well, my husband and him played mostly, while I cleaned house, got taxes done, paid bills, planned lunches and dinners for the week and did three loads of laundry.

After dinner we played some more until it was apparent that bedtime should be moved up a few minutes. I saw my son getting that tired and cranky look in his eye…

‘I have just a short window,’ I thought. But it was too late at that point (ugh- rookie mistake) and I knew there would be some kind of power play upstairs.

Turned out, it was just over teeth brushing. After several minutes of negotiating, if that is what you would call it- aka: trying to persuade him to do it and then resorting to making it a game (that’s what I call it in my house), the teeth were brushed.

On to his room we went. He was still a little bent out of shape, so I picked up my 4-year-old (my cardio) and sat down in the rocking chair. I started to rock him and he took to it like he was a baby. He nestled down in my arms and started to relax.

I could have put him in bed at that point with no problem. I was about to… and then I realized I had an opportunity I RARELY get. I could rock him to sleep.

I spent the next 10 minutes rocking him. I closed my eyes from time to time and completely enjoyed every second. He fell asleep in my arms and I kept rocking slowly for a couple more minutes.

I looked down at him ‘sleeping like a baby’ in my arms. My big boy, whose favorite line is, “I can do it” looked like he did when he was 12 months old. I stared at his little cheeks, the flawless baby skin and his long eyelashes resting comfortably.

“I love this moment,” I thought.

I put him in bed and closed the door and went downstairs.

My husband grinned, “You got to rock him to sleep, didn’t you?”

I nodded with a big smile.

“Good stuff,” my husband said.

“Great stuff,” I replied.


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baby-food.jpgThis bolg article can also be read at DC Metro Moms. I’m a contributor…it’s a great site!

My son turned four last week. When he was a baby, I did what a lot of us did and fed him baby food from a jar. I went through a couple of different brands, and he was a great eater and that was it. (It did not OCCUR to me to make him homemade baby food.)

I made sure I introduced all different meats, proteins and vegetables and fruits and my son was happy and healthy… and still is.

I think it’s evident by now that I don’t have a cooking blog. I have never written a cookbook and in just the past year have started using cookbooks. So basically- I’m not a gourmet.

But I am a concerned mom and I just recently learned that things have changed in baby food (like everything else within the baby industry). For moms with BABIES – there are some new options out there for you.

First of all: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am simply a mom.

My brother and sister-in-law had a little boy almost a year ago. Like I mentioned before- things have changed and improved. It is already a different world in terms of baby products and options and things to make your life easier. Bumbos didn’t exist when I had my son; my sister-in-law’s baby monitor looks like it is out of STAR WARS (yes, I’m dating myself). And there is frozen baby food now.

Frozen baby food? Yes. Moms have developed it and it is good for your baby because freezing baby food preserves the nutrients too. I’m passing on a couple of mom-based frozen baby food brands that I have heard of…

The first is HappyBaby. One of the famous Dr. Sears, Dr. Robert Sears, works with them in developing their baby food. I must self-disclose and tell you my sister-in-law is now a Community Marketing Specialist for HappyBaby; this is only AFTER she started feeding HappyBaby to my nephew and he loved it. She was also excited by the fact of feeding her son frozen baby food that was the same as the homemade baby food she was constantly making.

The next mom-based brand is a Northern Virginia Mom Brand- Mom Made Foods! It’s easy to find out where to buy it around town on their website… Both brands have good websites and provide tons of nutritional information.

Hope this helps someone out there!

This seems like a good idea that is gaining steam. It’s hard to believe the changes and developments with child development in just a few short years…

If this whole discussion is a given, a retread of many discussions, or even passé because everyone else in this country has been feeding their babies frozen baby food forever… my apologies for having my head in the clouds, or rather, in the toilet… pottytraining consumed my world until a few months ago… more on that in another blog.

And in your quest to give your baby the healthiest food, the safest carseat, the most educational toys and the most cultural experiences…
May The Force Be With You.

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