Meet Our New Puppy !

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  Here he is…

Ollie !

He is a Wheaten Terrier,

and will get lighter…

and bigger !

He is a sweet boy

and he’ll be perfect when he learns how to go to the bathroom outside :)

What Fallen Officer Ayala’s Triplets Need and Where to Send It or Drop It Off

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Lots of GREAT PEOPLE have been contacting me about donating things to the Ayala Triplets!  Three Brand New HEALTHY GIRLS!

By the Way- I’m starting the hashtag #AyalaTriplets on twitter, to keep us organized- for all you tweeters out there!

Right now she needs

1. Monetary donations (see address below)

2. Gift cards- to Target, or Buy Buy Baby or even to Pizza Hut, etc. for dinners

3. Girl clothes- newborn to 6 months. (and premie if you have it)

4.  AND newborn Diapers.

All the triplets are big for triplets, about 5 pounds each, and healthy !!!!!



1. CALL the Fraternal Order of Police at 301-948-4286 TO ARRANGE a drop off to:

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 35

18512 Office Park Drive

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Melissa has baby gear right now.  She needs What Is On This List.

She WILL need clothes in the future,

So if you do have clothes that her son or the girls can grow into for example, 6 months from now,

I’m asking if you have room to store them for awhile, please do.  If not, everyone understands, and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  The FOP Lodge doesn’t have a lot of room right now to store things.  Perhaps that will change.  Everyone is getting organized; Melissa has just arrived home from the hospital healthy!

Thank You to EVERYONE who has contacted me… and the Montgomery County Police!

Please be patient as we All work together to help this Mom :)

This is not a 1 time effort.  The Fraternal Order of Police will keep me updated when the triplets need things from time to time, and I will post it here.  And send it out to the private email list which has started.  To join this list, leave a comment below!

For Out-Of-Towners: Please send your donations to the FOP LODGE above.  Please call them to tell them your donation is coming.

Please, for now, keep to the list above.


** If ANYONE has a contact at a diaper company, please leave a comment below or leave a comment in my ‘Contact Me’ page (if you only want me to read it).

Montgomery County Police Officer Dead; Widow is Expecting Triplets in June and Has a 14-month-old son

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Last Friday I headed to Home Depot for track lighting. My son was happy, at camp.

Traffic was stopped at the big intersection of Georgia and Connecticut Avenues.

‘What could be happening?’ I thought…

And then I saw a Huge Motorcade of Police Motorcycles, and then Police Cars…  I’ve never seen a Funeral Motorcade that long, and unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of funeral motorcades.

‘O God, it’s a Cop.’  I thought.

It was a police officer’s funeral procession.  It was the funeral procession for Hector Ayala, who died in a car crash while responding to a fellow officer’s call for assistance for a fight in progress…

…on Easter Morning.

I learned later that day that Sergeant Ayala’s widow, Melissa, has a 14-month-old son,

and is expecting triplets… in June.

And then I thought about her,

and it knocked the wind out of me.  It was like I had been punched, but no one was there.  I had trouble breathing for a moment, and then had to take a few, slow, deep breaths.

Click Here to Continue Reading at DC Metro Moms…

BananaBlueberry Readers:

**You can donate to the ‘Ayala Family Fund’-

Melissa, Hector Jr., and the soon-to-be-coming triplets,

By sending a check to the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund (MCLEORF).

Checks should be made payable to MCLEORF. Please list “Ayala Family” in the memo line of the check. Send to:


c/o: FOP Lodge 35

18512 Office Park Drive

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Or go to this link- Ayala Family Donation.

Please Consider Donating…

The Biggest Online Baby Shower is Today

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shopping   If you’re expecting or have a baby- go to Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect today for a huge online baby shower!

You just have to register and rsvp and then you’ll have tons of chances to win ‘stuff for the baby’

Here’s the link and it will explain exactly how to register!

Enjoy- get some stuff for yourself… and baby, this holiday season!

It runs from 10am- 8pm!



Have You Seen The Laughing Quads?!

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This YouTube video is so funny and sweet!

There’s nothing like a baby belly-laughing, BUT 4 –   ROCKS!

Click Below to see the Laughing Quadruplets (It’s only 1 min, 15 seconds- you have time to watch:)

Laughing Quadruplets!



I’m a New Aunt !

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     A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my brother and sister-in-law !!!


John Theodore was born yesterday evening at 6:47pm.  He’s 7 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches long.

My awesome sister-in-law was in labor for about 5 hours and everything went smoothly.

They are calling him Jack!

He is their second… that makes all grandsons on my side of the family…

Mom: don’t get rid of any of those toy cars!



Just Another Reason Why I Love Mr. Rogers

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(Do you think this looks like Mr. Rogers? Yeah, I’m thinking this doesn’t look like him either, but it was one of the pictures that came up when I entered- ‘sweater’ into Microsoft Free Clip Art and I thought the blue v-neck reminded me of Mr. Rogers… so go with me this time: that this is a picture of Mr. Rogers.)

To be serious, I just read the following quote from Fred Rogers about how important it is to nurture babies, and indirectly, how important mothers are:

“I believe that infants and babies whose mothers give them loving comfort whenever and however they can are truly the fortunate ones. I think they’re more likely to find life’s times of trouble manageable,

and I think they may also turn out to be the adults most able to pass loving concern along to the generations that follow after them.”

-Mr. Rogers

We’re doing the world’s most important work here ladies… and gents.


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Check me out at ‘Becoming A Mother’.

It’s a great site for new moms and expectant moms.

I share a post on sleep deprivation and not being able to understand a children’s cartoon…

But hasn’t that happened to all of us? Please, tell me I’m not the only one who was fuzzy around the birth of my baby!

And CLICK HERE to read my guest blog!


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LOOK OVER HERE at New Mom Central. I’m the guest blogger right now and have written this post entitled,

Listen To Your Baby.

Hope it helps or at least is a good reminder to you about motherhood.

Happy Summer !

It will be up until Friday.


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Check out DC Metro Moms Blog today.

All contributors across all our sites across the country are sharing birth stories, adoption stories and basically how their lives changed forever when they had their little ones.

Click HERE to read about our frantic dash to the hospital after my water broke at 2am.

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