How to Make Gooey Cookies Every Time!

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How do make cookies gooey, or even soft, and therefore edible?  My cookies resemble bricks.

I’ve never been a big cookie maker.  It just never occurred to me to bake my own cookies when I can buy great ones from the Giant bakery…  
Is that wrong?

Now, my son has his own baking set, complete with rolling pin, whisk, cookie cutters and cookie sheet and he LOVES to bake cookies because we get down on the floor of the kitchen and mix up all the ingredients and cut out the cookies on a sheet.

Yes, the sheet is on the floor… but the cookies are on the sheet, so they don’t touch the floor…
No, you don’t have to sample any cookies when you come over!

We’ve been baking a lot lately, producing lots of hard, almost candy-like cookies.  My son doesn’t even want to eat them.  He just likes baking them.

And then, a breakthrough- soft cookies, like a grandmother makes! I did it!  I found out the secret to soft cookies!

How you ask?

I mentioned my desire to know the magical formula to tender cookies to my mother-in- law.  How does one achieve the wanted texture?  How do I make cookies that don’t harden enough to hurt the teeth?

What’s the rub-  practice?…  a secret ingredient?… maybe just more of an ingredient, like butter?

My mother-in-law looked at me and very matter-a-factly said, “Oh, just cook them a minute or two less than the instructions say to.”

What?  Are you kidding?  That’s it?

So I tried it… and it worked.
So… I feel good for succeeding in my discovery of good cookie making.  
But on the other hand- Man, do I feel silly!

This is not a physics theorem.  This is not hard.  Does everyone know this?  
Am I the only one who DIDN’T know this?  

But, regardless of how non-chef-like I feel, I am now inspired.  My next venture- CAKES!

Talk amongst yourselves…

I originally wrote this post for DC Metro Moms…

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