Mom! Can I Have A Urinal ?!

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We recently went out to dinner… that’s not uncommon.  I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom, and my son announced that he had to go too… that’s not uncommon.

We each finished our business and were washing our hands and my son said,

“I really like those stand-up toilets.  You guys (irony, maybe?) don’t have them in here.”

I told him that stand-up toilets, or rather urinals, were just in men’s bathrooms (and he didn’t ask me why… yey).

So he decided right then and there, that ‘he was going to have Dad take him to the bathroom from now on.’

Yey Again!  Cool!  My husband and I don’t have to give each other the look when we are seated, ready to eat, and our son says he has to go to the bathroom!  It’s all him now!  Our little guy has become a Big Guy and he wants to use stand-up toilets!  Hurray!

So none of this is all that uncommon… until we got home,

and my son asked in a very sweet voice, as I’m tucking him into bed,

“Mom, can I have a urinal?…  Can we get a urinal when we put an addition on our house?”

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