Q & A with the Famed Mom Blogger and Sports-Fan-Extraordinaire: Sarah and The Goon Squad

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Sarah of ‘Sarah and the Goon Squad’ is a mom to twins, a great writer and mom blogger, and a sports fan/expert. Getting frustrated watching the Redskins recently, I emailed her about the possibility of a football Q & A…

1) Any reasons you see that the Redskins aren’t doing better after such an amazing start?

They have had a lot of injuries this season. Even though most of the stars are back in the starting lineup, it is tough to for a team that is lining 2nd or 3rd string guys up against starters.

That, and crappy luck.

2) Were you always a big sports fan or did you decide if you can’t beat them, join them?

It happened in college. A lot of my friends were guys. I remember sitting around watching a football game in about 1992 and having somebody explain downs to me. I think a lot of people don’t like football because it is so complicated. Once you understand the game, it is fabulous.

Also, I went to college in Orlando in the early 90’s. The Magic were great back then and so they were fun to follow.

Just after college I had a roommate who was a figure skater. She was very into Ice Hockey, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I also really love going to sporting events. You can’t beat the vibe at a really great home game.

3) What joy do you get from sports… what are non-sport moms missing out on?

I like the excitement of sports. Sporting events are family friendly. They are something people of all ages can enjoy. As a bonus, they can improve math skills. :)

4) Sometimes I get really frustrated watching football because it seems that some players lack motivation,
or determination,
or the resolve, that frankly, moms use every day…

What do you think NFL players can learn from moms?

I think if they can learn to work hard, finish school and be respectful they are ahead of most of the other NFL players. Sure you have stand up guys like John Lynch, but you also have a lot of guys that don’t know about the real world. They make a ton of money and get away with murder. If they get hurt young they won’t have any source of income. Their parents have to teach them how to be successful even without sports.

5) Anything else you’d like to add?

Call me if you have an extra ticket!

Enjoy the rest of the season and a huge ‘Thank You’ to Sarah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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