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His lunch was packed, school bag in hand, buckled in his carseat… I drove down the street toward my son’s preschool.  We stopped at the first light.  There was a Ford Expedition in front of us.

“That’s a Ford, Mommy!”  My son gets excited about EVERY make and model of car, van, SUV and truck.


“That’s right, sweetpea!  That’s a Ford Expedition.”  I attribute my son’s reading abilities to sounding out brands of cars.  Yes, he’s basically learned to read from traffic.  It’s not traditional… but whatever works.

“I don’t see too many of those, Mommy…  I don’t think they make those anymore.”

I thought about it.  I don’t see too many of those on the street anymore.

I looked at my son in the back seat and said, “They still make them, but you are right, we haven’t seen a lot of those big SUVs on the road.  I don’t know how much longer they will be making them.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

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